The one where the numbers make me crazy.

So it’s day 2 of not remembering my PIN, and everyone is like “stop thinking about it, it’ll come to you!” and all I can think about is all the things I could be missing on Instagram. And wondering if my Letterpress games are OK without me.

Isn’t that sick? And not that surprising?

And now the not remembering is exasperated because not only can I not remember the numbers, but I’m also afraid of locking myself out of my phone for the rest of my life. It’s performance anxiety!

The weird thing is that I can remember phone numbers from when I was in middle school, but I can’t remember a 4-digit code I’ve used every day for the last 6 years.

Last night I couldn’t even handle going to the gym — “How can I possibly run on the treadmill without Netflix!” — so I took myself to see a movie, and then had a date to meet The Hairdresser afterwards. And we were so old school about it! Like, we had to set up a meeting time because I wouldn’t be able to text her when the movie was over. And when I couldn’t remember an actor’s name, I just had to wait for the credits rather than IMDb it from my phone.

Anyway. That’s it. I’ll buy a movie on iTunes and watch it on my iPad at the gym. I’ll turn my phone off so as not to be taunted by all the lock-screen messages. And who knows. Maybe by the time my PIN comes, I won’t even care about it and people will just have to get in touch with me the old-fashioned way. Through Morse code or Pony Express. Or e-mail. Or call my landline.


About Cruey

I'm a quadruple black belt in the art of awesomeness. And I like sandwiches.
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