The one where I might have early-onset Alzheimer’s.

I’ve decided to start writing with proper capitalization. Which is probably the first sign that I have early-onset Alzheimer’s. But whatever. Maybe it won’t be a permanent thing.

Today I used my phone several times — I always check Instagram and my e-mail and the games I’m currently playing (Letterpress, Words With Friends) first thing in the morning. I got ready for work per usual. I made myself a little lunch. Throughout the morning, I checked my phone. Got some texts from my mom. Wrote some texts. Checked Twitter. All usual.

As I was walking up the stairs at BART, I went to check my phone because I got a text. And I put in the wrong PIN. I put in the one that I use for my iPad (it happens to be the last 4 digits of a fax machine that I know of). I put it in three or four times in a row, insisting in my brain that it was correct.

It’s not correct. And then panic set in. And it turns out that as I was typing in my PIN, I completely forgot it. This also happens to be the PIN I use for my ATM card. For two ATM cards, actually. And it also just happens to be the random numbers that the bank assigned to me.

This has happened once before; as I was entering my PIN at a grocery store, I was like “that’s not right,” and it wasn’t right. At that time, just as suddenly as I forgot it, I remembered it again. A couple hours later, maybe a couple days. I can’t remember (ha!).

It’s been about 8 hours. I still can’t remember the PIN. I don’t want to completely lock myself out of my phone. I don’t want this to happen.


In the meantime, I’ve tried my ATM card and several PINs. Finally, after locking myself out of THAT as well, my bank said that it will send me a “PIN reminder” in 5-7 days.

If I don’t remember my PIN before that, it means I will be locked out of my phone in 5-7 days. That feels like a lifetime.

Hopefully I wake up tomorrow and remember it. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that I’m actually finally literally going nuts.

In the meantime, I’m looking at this as like a kind of vacation. I mean, no phone for 5-7 days. I actually turned my phone off today. Instead of watching Netflix at the gym, I’m going to read.

OMG look. I really am going crazy. This is not a vacation, it’s horrible horrible first-world-problem torture.


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I'm a quadruple black belt in the art of awesomeness. And I like sandwiches.
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