i didn’t lose all my money.

we lived like rock stars this weekend. comped suite at caesars palace. they sent us wine to the room. and fruit and cheese, which i barely even ate because it’s not slow carb enough. which is the dumbest thing i’ve ever said. but it’s true. i drank my weight in vodka, however, but that’s not a food so it doesn’t count.

my mom got a pedi and asked the lady if there were any celebrities staying there. and the lady told her that paris hilton (!!) was her next client. so i basically hung out with paris hilton this weekend.

i played blackjack at the pussycat dolls tables at caesars, and now i’m a blackjack pro, even though i’m not, and i’m going to wear sunglasses indoors. that’s what you do when you play at the tables in the pussycat dolls section.

we saw “viva elvis” and it was amazing, obviously. and we went to the outlets and everyone at the little kiosks were israeli so when they tried to sell me body scrubs or nail stuff, i answered them in hebrew and then they became my best friends.

and my dad and i went to the pawn shop where the show “pawn stars” is filmed. and we hung out with my family, and played with this baby. his name is dan.

and i went to sing karaoke at this tiny bar off the strip with friends who were in town from san diego, and some of their friends. and drinks were $2 (yay!) and everyone smoked inside (boo!) and it was fun and i think boy george might’ve been there and a guy wearing a green wig was definitely there and then this happened:

so although i didn’t lose my money, i most definitely lost some of my dignity. which is fine, because i guess that’s what happens in vegas sometimes.


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I'm a quadruple black belt in the art of awesomeness. And I like sandwiches.
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One Response to i didn’t lose all my money.

  1. Jasmine says:

    You guys! Octopus!

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