it’s been too long.

i just accidentally typed the letter “o” in the headline of this post, and then published it. that’s how long it’s been since i’ve written here. i don’t even know how to write anymore, i just mash whatever letter happens to be nearest to me on the keyboard.

i have, however, been updating my other food blog every day. one of my coworkers tweeted about it and then one of her followers retweeted it. i should be famous by monday.

next weekend i’m going to vegas with the fam to visit other fam. the only part of the fam who’s not going is the hairdresser, because somebody has to make a living.

i’m sure i’ll have plenty of things to sa–OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO WRITE ABOUT THIS.

i finally got an iphone. i’m legally changing my last name to iphone, because we got married the other day at city hall. gavin newsom even flew back here for the occasion. he looked beautiful.


About Cruey

I'm a quadruple black belt in the art of awesomeness. And I like sandwiches.
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