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so this just happened.

i’m doing a slow-carb diet, preparing for our trip to costa rica, because we want to look hot in all of our pictures. i won’t go on and on about this slow-carb thing, because i don’t want to be one … Continue reading

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today i wrote to my idol.

… and he wrote back! he’s the guy who writes the american idol recaps on television without pity. his name is jacob. i basically told him that the only reason i watch the stupid show is so i can read … Continue reading

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today i stalked people on facebook.

it’s weird looking at the facebook pages of people i was once friends with and now haven’t talked to in 10 scrillion years. this one guy had a baby! this one kid is now an adult! this other kid is … Continue reading

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i got a new camera.

my parents! they got me a camera for my birthday! it’s a canon rebel xs. i’m basically a professional photographer now. here are some pictures that i’ve taken so far: see??? i’m ansel adams.

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‘celebrity apprentice’ just lost itself a viewer.

so let me get this straight. latoya jackson, mark mcgrath, lil jon, and meatloaf can all be on “celebrity apprentice,” but lindsay lohan gets rejected? lil jon is like, barely even a human, not to mention latoya jackson, who most … Continue reading

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CES is trying to kill me.

all i’ve done for the last four days is read blogs and request product ids. and it’s not like anything that cool is coming out of CES, either, making it worth all the work. (mr. verizon! where’s my iphone?!) i … Continue reading

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costa rica it is.

we settled on going to costa rica in may. we even bought a frommer’s travel guide book! that’s how you know we’re serious. narrowing down the country was hard enough. then we had to narrow down which part of the … Continue reading

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