on friday i was paid to be awesome.

"gather round, for i have news!"

so the loosies were hired (hired. like, money) by this pr/advertising firm to sing at the firm’s christmas party dressed like elves. they gave us alternate verses to “12 days of christmas,” that was all inside jokey to the company. and i had to learn 2/3 of a journey medley and all of an annie lennox song to prepare for the day. the christmas party was going from the office to a few bars, and we were going to be at each bar, singing for the group.

so we get to the office and we have a wrangler (!) and the caterers bring us food and booze. we sing and sing and they go crazy for us; we get to the first bar and wait and the wrangler buys us a round of drinks. then a skeevy bar patron offers to buy us a round of drinks if we sing for his group, which obviously we do because duh.

i mean, what? you’d like to pay me to sing to you while you plow me with drinks and food and think i’m the best thing ever? why… don’t mind if i do.


About Cruey

I'm a quadruple black belt in the art of awesomeness. And I like sandwiches.
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2 Responses to on friday i was paid to be awesome.

  1. kristy says:

    do you think the birth of baby jesus was announced by bullhorn? it totally should have been. bullhorns and drunk elves. yep.

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